"Put the plug in and start shinning."

I have though countless of time that I could never quit pornography, yet there are living examples of men that did it. I couldn’t ask for a better example on how to stop the PRON addiction. You can also check the facebook page here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/pages/Porn-Addiction-End/632163210149917

It’s never to soon to take a step forward and start shinning. I wish I made the change sooner and since I can’t change the past I can be glad of my present addiction free.



"The winds of fate have blown once more,
And I reign supreme
As master of ours.
I was an invited guest,
That you allowed in.
And you always wanted me,
Then you kicked me out.
It should have been me,
Not you!
And I rained on your parade.
I pounded in your head,
And beat you…

(Source: bookspresso)

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